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surprise*'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Aug 2002|12:33pm]
i miss everybody.
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[15 Aug 2002|02:31am]
[ mood | alone ]

its 2 30 and im still staring at the computer screen.
hoping you would be on.
see you tomorrow

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[23 Jul 2002|10:10pm]
... you thought i was going to talk about bands. ;)
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[07 Jul 2002|04:51pm]
Last night was amazing! The show sold out and it was incredibly hot in there... people were mostly naked and there was a guy that had marker on his stomach that said "shirtless is the new black" it was awesome. Philly kids know how to rock! Thanks Mike. I want to move there, hopefully jared and black, black ocean will come too... this is our chance to get out.
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[06 Jul 2002|05:38pm]
i inow people told me that the wanted to get them stuff at the show and i dont remember, so if you want something then you shouls leave a comment.
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" he lives in a fucking trashcan you bitch" [05 Jul 2002|09:42pm]
I saw fireworks at gettysburg last night. it was sweet.( jared where are you to hit my arm?)
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maybe it will work this time? [05 Jul 2002|07:46pm]
im in penn... now, i have an awful sunburn on one leg and i am exhausted. The drive was really long and im not really looking foward to doing it again but, i know this trip will be worth it.
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what the hell is it with..... [30 Jun 2002|02:27am]
girls flirting with guys that have girlfriends.... im tired of it. People need to stick with the guys they are messing around with and not everybody else's boyfriends.. Get a life, stop acting like whores and grow up.
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FRIENDS ONLY [25 Jun 2002|01:38am]
....from now on
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[23 Jun 2002|01:18am]
FlOat006: so, what's your AIMhandle mean?
XxletxdownxX: im always let down
FlOat006: why the? high expectations?
XxletxdownxX: i heave really high expectations
FlOat006: in general?
XxletxdownxX: yeah
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[23 Jun 2002|12:01am]
Maybe what i was searching for was here all along.
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The saga continues....what is next? [19 Jun 2002|11:23pm]
xwinterdemonx: sheena called the FBI on you
xwinterdemonx: or so she told me
XxletxdownxX: what did she say to the fbi?
xwinterdemonx: that you have her credit card number or some shit
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hehe [18 Jun 2002|12:17pm]

Which Dashboard Confessional Song Are You?

By Tiffany

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GROSS [17 Jun 2002|06:12pm]
XxletxdownxX: i just got off of work
God O War: hey you believe in water conservation? well how bout you and me jump in the shower together hehehe
God O War: i love that line
God O War: its so sleezy
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[17 Jun 2002|12:35am]
kirksville missiouri, is mainly a christian town. We went there to see bailer and in the day that we were there, we had been asked if we were "saved" about four times. We ended up staying at the aqua dome, where the show was. The aqua dome was this huge wharehouse that these vegan kids were living in. The aqua dome was next door to the traveler's lodge where all the christians stayed. Everyday the kids from the travlers lodge would come to the aqua dome and try to save them. They offered to clean the aqua dome and everything. So after weeks of this and denying them the right to save them, mike ( i think that was his name?) started challenging them to physical feats, such as who can stand on their head the longest and who can hole their breath the lonest etc. If mike won they would leave him alone for a week and if they won, they had to listen and aknowledge an hour of bible teaching. Kids out there are awesome. I cant wait to take my next road trip.
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That night... [16 Jun 2002|12:14am]
... was amazing. My parents were out of town, we all watched movies and we even had vegan cookie dough(so good!). That night i felt normal, i felt secure. We just sat there and watched tv, his arms were around mine, i didnt need a banket because he kept me warm. That night i felt so safe with his body pressed against mine, i remeber opening my eyes in the middle of the night to see his hand holding mine. I miss that, not necessarily the person, but the feeling.

So last night in the springs this stranger walked up to me and said, " dont worry you will find love someday". That was it. A man i have never seen before seemed to know everything that i was feeling. Was this a sign? Am i *ready* to try this all over again? I miss that feeling. i dont miss being hurt.
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hehe get this... rena and tif will understand [14 Jun 2002|01:24am]
XxtruetilldeathxX:so yeah
XxletxdownxX: who is this?
XxtruetilldeathxX: your makeoutclub profile is a joke right
XxtruetilldeathxX: you arent cute
XxletxdownxX: sheena get a life
XxletxdownxX: i thought you werent supposed to be on steves comp
XxletxdownxX: nice naked pictures slut, everybody has em
XxletxdownxX: good job at giving (deleted name) an std
I have never hung out with this girl.. nor had a real conversation with her. She moved out here for my friend and cheated on him with another guy and is now living with him. whatever... i love when people talk shit... im going to do it right back.hehe
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Money vs. friendship [13 Jun 2002|12:17am]
i choose friends... when i was thirteen i got a fortune cookie, god, for the life on me i cant remember what it said, but i rememeber the message, basically material things are nothing. That fortune, although in a cookie, changed me. I was the girl that material possesions meant all to and i lost friends because of it. I wouldnt let people touch my stuff etc. Right now, and the past few years, i chose friendship, my friends mean more to me than any material possesion. Material possesions are almost useless to me. I would live in a box if i was with my friends.
Some people say that i hold my morals higher than anything. They are right. This isnt some straightedge bullshit either, in fact, it has nothing to do with it. But, i will die for my beliefs. I hold strong and respect is one of the things that mean a lot to me, whether it is me respecting somebody or somebody respecting me. Alright, enough insight to lauren.
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The softest lips tell the most precious secrets [12 Jun 2002|12:39am]
so.. had fun at the dress up martini party. I had lots of shirly temples and i even wore a dress. Everybody was there.. 7-10 sass ( 3/4) top ten, some nasty bitches that i dont know, seb and christinae(sp?). oh yeah.. tall chris and bryan were there too. I cant wait until we move out... to weeks and then right off to philly... which reminds me... courtney, tickets are seven dollars and we are going to order them over the net( get the money to tiff)... Jeremy, any new news about the situation? 7-10 sass owns Top Ten.
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[10 Jun 2002|01:51am]
I have this fear of not being good enough. It comes from reality... My family is going on a trip to new york(one of my favorite places) to see my dying great grannie without me. I wasnt even invited. Why you ask? becuase my grandparents dont want me there. Im always the odd one out.
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